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MarketStrike is an industry leader in the management and marketing of conferences, user group meetings, seminars, webinars, educational symposiums and related events for advanced technology organizations.

Companies usually have to choose between hiring a firm specializing in meeting planning or one focused on marketing strategy and tactics. MarketStrike delivers both. Successful events—ones that provide measurable ROI—require professionals who understand the advanced technology marketplace and have equally strong skills in two areas: promotion and execution.

With over 17 years of experience, MarketStrike has served a wide range of companies and associations in such areas as Telecommunications, Neuroscience, Mobility & Wireless, Pharmaceuticals, Networking & Connectivity, Automatic Identification, and Enterprise Software.

We understand the bigger picture. We’re marketing professionals specializing in meetings and events---both live and virtual.

Our highly skilled team is very familiar with all the elements needed for a successful event, conference, webinar or webcast. We emphasize flawless execution and pay close attention to every detail.

But we’re more than just logistics and management. We know how to create a theme, communicate value, promote your message, track your attendees and bring positive results to your company.

We work with you to target your desired audience, secure their attendance and demonstrate the return on investment for your meeting.

Some of our Clients: